Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MDT 2012

After spotting the release announcement on Aiden Finn's blog I went ahead and downloaded MDT 2012 so I could upgrade my old MDT 2010 Update 1 installation.  That turned out to be a chore since TMG 2010 kept trying to eat the install file.  Installation was a breeze afterward, just dumped it on top of the old one and once I got into the deployment manager it had an exclamation mark over my deployment share to remind me to upgrade my deployment share to the latest version.  Running powershell scripts is now a built in task option and it now supports security compliance manager templates so there's some new stuff to play with.  I also noticed several screens seemed a bit more polished and if I'm not mistaken a few new options in the default task sequence steps.
So far so good and no issues - currently got a LTI deployment running to test out the new monitoring console.

Monitoring console:

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