Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Galaxy Tab WiFi stops working every few days

Having finally gotten fed up with rebooting my galaxy tab every few days to get it to work with my home netgear router, I started trolling through forums for a solution.  Suffice it to say, Android has a long way to go as far as dhcp and wifi if even half of what's posted on these forums is accurate.  Fortunately I managed to stumble on a fix that worked for me.  My wifi network was set up to accept Both WPA and WPA2.  I removed WPA support and just left only WPA2 support on and I haven't had to reboot in the past few weeks.   (There's some kind of rekey'ing issue with WPA version 1 every few days)  I'd also had intermittent issues with my Cisco WAPs and I applied the same changes to them and am waiting to see if it helps.


KS said...

What was your final results?


Gnawgnu said...

works a lot better now.