Friday, August 27, 2010

SEP 11.0.6 disabled windows 7 firewall even though NTP was never installed

So I had to help another admin out with a fun issue this week. He had just upgraded his management server to Symantec Endpoint 11.0.6 MR1 and pushed out new clients. He created separate groups for laptops, desktops, etc and separated off the machines he didn't want to install Network Threat Protection on into their own group. The problem was that even though NTP wasn't being installed, it was still disabling the windows firewall (windows 7 in this case) and of course the new security center locked out the ability to reactivate it.

The solution in this case was to turn Inheritence OFF for that group and then withdraw the Firewall policy from that group. After the policy updates it should release the old on Windows Firewall. I didn't have time to stick around for that so we forced the policy update from the client and rebooted the machines for good measure.

1. Uncheck "Inherit policies and settings from parent Group xyz"

2. Click Tasks to the right of "Firewall policy" and Withdraw the policy.

Everything seems to work right afterward. Aside from the inconvenience of having a non-inherited policy to deal with later on when you want to make changes.

In most cases I've found that NTP works a lot better than the older versions like 10.x had so you most likely won't ever need the contents of this post but just in case, have fun.