Thursday, January 5, 2012

Android Exchange 2010 ActiveSync issue with Smart Forwarding

Ran into a real doozy of a bug this week with one of my user's DROID phones.  Apparently there's a bug in the Smart Forwarding feature that causes an infinite loop for an outgoing message.  After doing some digging I found a LOT of references to this rare bug on the forums.  I'll post the links below but the short version is that the smart forwarding is supposed to just insert a marker when you forward an email with an attachment.  That marker tells the server to insert the attachment so the client doesn't have to download the whole email to their phone first.  In some cases this marker gets hosed royally and causes a loop between the client and server and it just repeatedly sends out the same email.  The only way to break that loop is to kill the mail profile on the device or hard reset it.

So for now I've told my users that if they've got this feature to turn it off.

settings -> battery and data manager ->data delivery - > Email and corporate sync -> smart forwarding

Email Settings-> SmartForwarding

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