Friday, April 18, 2008

Backup Exec 12 - upgraded and running

Okay, even this skeptic has to admit they're getting better. I upgraded my 11d server to version 12 this week.

Now comes standard with Open file protection and the base level IDR option
New installer has a nicer layout
Win2k8 Support right off the bat
The new System Recovery agent looks cool and supports virtual machine conversions.

Had a few hiccups getting the policy based jobs up and running again afterwards.

First off I like the new selection layout during the install. It breaks the modules up by what you're licensed for, then what you can eval, and then the stuff you can't even eval.

click for larger image

I went ahead and upgraded the antivirus to symantec endpoint prot 11 like it wanted. It also has a new antivirus integration but you have to install the full endpoint protection manager on the backup exec server. The upgrade itself went smoothly and I rebooted the server. Then I had to upgrade all the remote agents because it kept giving warnings about the old version.

As for my policy based backups, I had a few issues with the jobs not wanting to work - or cancel for that matter. So first I tried the old "Delete Jobs Created By Policy..." and recreating them but the Incremental parts kept failing. So I cancelled them and started the Full backup job part of the policy.

Once that finished successfully then the incrementals started working right again.
*Mental note to self, don't do upgrades in the middle of the week*

Overall I'm satisfied that Backup Exec is once again on the right track. The expanded feature set and those little extra UI tweaks really do help.


Anonymous said...

I'm unfortunately having issues with Backup Exec 12...for instance I DON'T have the option you show in your second picture...can you help a newbie out and point me to where I'd find this menu?


Colleen said...

Sorry...I'm a total newbie...I posted the previous comment, but didn't log in...
Thanks in advance!

Gnawgnu said...

Sure, it should be under the "Job Setup" tab, in the middle section under Policies. If you have existing policies defined then they should show up there. When you recreate the jobs with the same right click menu, just select the Backup Selection List(s) that go with the policy.