Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tested - D630 Vista SP1

Test platform: Dell Latitude D630 BIOS A06. Fresh Vista build, latest intel drivers, AHCI enabled, Nvidia 135 vid chipset.

Prep - disabled Symantec A/V as a precaution. Downloaded RTM version of Vista Service Pack 1 from Technet Plus.

Total Time to apply SP1 - 34minutes including reboots.

Results: No apparent issues operating system issues, all device drivers appear to be working fine. No errors during upgrade. Symantec did not start after the final reboot but came back fine after another reboot.


Anonymous said...

It's my understanding that some have run into a problem with SP1 getting stuck in a reboot loop. I'm not sure if Vista was involved, but it's nice to hear Vista can work on some setups....

Gnawgnu said...

Yeah, I'd heard some configurations were giving issues, most of them due to driver complications so I'm going through our newer dell models to validate that they work with SP1 before I deploy it in March.