Thursday, February 28, 2008

APC metered switches - remote power off

If you've got some old stubborn legacy hardware that sometimes stops working unless you fully unplug it and power it down then you can relate to the pain of having to physically go onsite or call someone else to unplug the device. This clunky but functional arrangement works fine during normal work hours but can be a pain at 10pm on a weekend. My solution was to get some APC metered switches. Give it an IP address and custom name each outlet port to match the device that's plugged into it through the built-in web interface. If you're offsite and you need a reboot, just vpn into work, open a web browser to the APC's IP, and give commands to the individual ports to power down, then 30 seconds later, tell them to power back on.
This also works well for servers if they bluescreen or run into a hardware failure and just won't restart.

And as a unrelated side bonus, the APC switch has an amperage meter which is useful for measuring how many amps those ancient devices are pulling.

Link the APC 7900 Switched PDU series:

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