Sunday, November 25, 2007

Endpoint kills remote access connection manager (Error 5: Access is denied)

To add to the fun, the uninstaller for Endpoint doesn't always get rid of all the problems that came with it. In one case, all the remote access services crapped out so VPN's were unavailable. If you try to create a new VPN, the window options all gray out. I saw a solution on the symantec boards which recommend doing a full manual uninstall.
Uninstall instructions:
One user did comment on this blog that reinstalling Endpoint resolved issues that another admin he knew was experiencing. You may want to try that or a combination of a full uninstall/reinstall, etc.


Anonymous said...

Even after Endpoint was successfully uninstalled, and the Microsoft KB article was followed, there was an additional RASMAN\PPP\EAP key that needed to be deleted. You must delete 25 and 26 as in the KB, as well as the Symantec Endpoint subkey 17. Then Remote Access Connection Manager will again start.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great tip. I hate Symantec's Endpoint product.

mohsin said...

what ever the Anonomys person sail is perfect, i was able to resolve this issue.
correct I also hate Symantec end point protection

Anonymous said...

Your idea simply excellent