Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finally, an electronic switch hook for my plantronics/nortel ip phone.

Since we started rolling out the Nortel IP 200x phones and now the Avaya 11xxe series phones the biggest complaint we've had from our users is that the HL10 lifter from Plantronics keeps falling off. Thankfully, Plantronics has recently released a series of USB EHS devices to integrate existing CS55 and CS70 headsets into our Avaya 1120e IP Phones.

My test configuration:
1. Avaya 1120e
2. APU-7 EHS Cable from Plantronics
3. CS70 headset

1. Called into the IP Phone - confirmed that I received a ring warning through the headset
2. Pick up incoming phone call using button on headset - success
3. Turn on headset and get dial tone - success

Sadly, though, they missed one important feature with the new EHS cables - they didn't give us any way to hook up an online indicator light. On the old HL10 it was easy to hook one up but that feature got lost on this new device. Other than that this is a great new solution for us and I won't miss having to deal with all the wiring and points of failure that came with the HL10.

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