Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to empty a hidden outbox in owa full of junk when outlook doesn't show anything

I have no idea why this happened and I have even less of a clue why they decided to Hide the Outbox folder in OWA 2010. Anyway I had a user whose outbox showed zero items and when we checked the server properties it said that they had 90MB of junk on there. Well, in the old days I'd go into OWA 2k7 and kill them that way. No such luck in OWA 2010.
So my workaround was to turn off the "Cached Mode" and then closed and reopened Outlook.

Now this will force it to look directly at the server and it'll show you the problem Outbox. Delete all the junk from there and wait about 1/2 hour for your server to catch up. Then empty out Deleted Items, kill the OST file, wait a few minutes and then close outlook. Turn Cached Mode back on and you should be back to normal now.


Nelson Eli said...

Yeahhh it works!!!!, finally somebody post something about this isuue!!!...


Anonymous said...

You might try to use Outlook Web App Light". I saw the "Outbox" folder there.