Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Symantec Mail Security for Exchange Named Piped Error updating license

Yes, you read that right, "The Named Piped could not be found" and because of that misspelling, you won't find the answer on their knowledge base.

I was trying to Add my new updated license files through the management console for Symantec Mail Security for Exchange and I got that error. The real error should read named pipe instead of piped and that's how you'll find it in their KB. When you get this cool error, you'll also notice the checkbox for "Enable Premium Antispam" gets whacked and your users start complaining about spam.

Basically they'll have you stop both the services and manually wipe out the existing license files that are there. Then restart the services and try to add them again. Fortunately, this actually worked for me. Make sure to re-enable the premium antispam checkbox if you have that service.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! It helped get me straight to the fix. Thanks.