Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ISA 2006 Remote Desktop problem

So up until recently I was able to remote desktop into my ISA 2006 server from my management desktop. I verified that my management computers were still defined properly and I confirmed that the packets were being received on port 3389 at the firewall side. I decided to remove the recently applied KB956570 (08-037) and voila my remote desktop started working again! The patch was supposed to randomize NAT connections, etc but apparently it likes to kill RDP. Upon further research, I've also seen reference to it causing havoc for PPTP/VPN setups as well. As I have not found a real fix for it, I'd recommend you just uninstall it from Add/Remove programs (make sure the checkbox is marked for Show Updates).


Anonymous said...

I installed this and immediately lost RD to the ISA box and none of our VPNs worked. Upon removal - all fixed!

Thanks for the tip

Brian A. Weje, SuperUsers said...

Thank you so much. As soon as i removed the KB (and without restarting) I was able to RDP again.