Friday, August 22, 2008

Microsoft Press Practice Test - Errors on Vista - application.WriteTestRecord

So I had just finished crawling through ye olde MCTS exam prep book and decided to install the Practice Tests. The installation went fine but when I tried to launch a Lesson Test, I kept getting errors.

An unacticipated error has occured in the application.WriteTestRecord

An unanticipated error has occured in the application.UpdateTimer

The latter was so much fun, I had to go and End Process Tree for MSLocalWare.exe to get rid of the endless error messages.

Since the practice tests were installed from a CD, I went to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Press Training Kit Exam Prep folder and unchecked the Read Only checkbox. (The same thing happened on my 32 bit vista install as well). Sometimes you find that apps that have been copied from CDs love to retain their read-only flags on files. Just for overkill, I also added the Everyone Group as full control on the folder.

And voila, the practice tests have worked fine since.


Matthias said...

Thanks for the tip, I just started the vista 70-620 with vista nd had also the error. Much fun for a promesing vista IT-pro ;-) Good luck to you and kind regards from germany

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice.
Still works on newer versions of the Training Kit Exam Prep.
Am studying for 70-680 Configuring Win 7...