Monday, March 24, 2008

FS116P Desktop POE switch review

Sometimes you've just got more devices in a room than ports and whether it's temporary or not, you just can't get approval for more LAN drops. And to make matters worse, they're IP phones that run on POE (Power Over Ethernet). Now in your big network closets you can install those new big howling POE switches for your backbone but for a small room, a quiet switch will keep mad users from coming to your office with torches. (I just installed a 24 port Dell POE switch on the backbone last week and it would make an aircraft carrier deck seem quiet.)

Enter the Netgear FS116P - 16 port 10/100 with 8 ports of POE.
It's a fanless desktop switch and out of the 4 I got for our small rooms, only 1 had a discernable buzz but it was faint and after being stuffed behind the printer stand wasn't really noticable. As far as performance goes, it works just like any run of the mill 10/100 desktop switch - not noticeable either way for end users. Only the first 8 ports are POE enabled but for smaller rooms that's really all you need. This switched worked fine with my Nortel i2002 phones and the Cisco 1131AG.

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