Monday, January 21, 2008

Netflix Instant Viewer and XP 64 bit fun

It all started out innocous enough, go to netflix's site, download the client, and roll film. Needless to say, murphy's law kicked in. Netflix's module tried to upgrade media player to 11 and by default tries to load the 32 bit version. After that failed, then my browsers started randomly crashing during use.

So I upgraded the box to WMP 11 64 bit edition, then ran the netflix DRM reset program. C:\Program Files (x86)\Netflix\Netflix Movie Viewer\ResetDRM.exe
Then went back to the site and ran the installer again. It's still a little flaky but it's running now and I can now watch vids on the box.

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Derek said...

Hi, I had an xp x64 system that I managed to run netflix "Watch instantly" on. My HD has since failed and I cannot remember how I fixed this. I installed WMP 11 x64, reset the DRM and reinstalled the NF_movi_player_211. When I go to netflix and click play, it brings up a page saying incompatible system. Any ideas? For the life of me I cant remember how I fixed it the first time, and I've googled all over the place.