Tuesday, October 2, 2007

can't update timesheets in project server 2003

Scenario: You've published your project to Project Server 2003 and your resources don't seem to be able to update their timesheets. They were able to last week but this week some of those time fields are greyed out. Only tasks that were changed this week seem to be affected so not all users and tasks were affected.

Option 1: Take your Microsoft Project Server out back and shoot it. (oddly enough, this is often the solution that comes to mind first for all Project Server issues).

Option 2: Log into Project Web Access as an Admin. Go to the Admin menu, then on the left click on Customize Project Web Access. Make sure "Hours of work done per day or per week" is selected. This setting on my server 'magically' changed sometime last week and all projects that were republished since then have this problem. Change this setting and click the save button at the bottom. Then open the affected projects with Project 2003 Pro and go to Publish -> Republish Assignments and click OK. (Yes, you need to republish ALL assignments).

I found this solution while googling so props go out to Dale Howard of msprojectexperts.com (as of 2004 when the newsgroup post occured).

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