Thursday, September 6, 2007

Connecting to an nortel RCC database for third party reporting

The nortel Reporting for call center server uses mysql for it's local database of call activity. Should you want to login to it and check the tables, you first have to find out what port it is on, dig through the installation scripts to find the username and password, etc. As of v2.4.344.1.61, here's the info to save you some time:

1. Test that you can connect to it with mysql itself. CD to the bin folder of the mysql install on the RCC server.
2. mysql --port=3309 --user=rccuser --password
3. It will then prompt you for the password which can be found in the "AddUser.scr" file (open with notepad) located at Program Files\Nortel\Reporting for Contact Center\RunOnce. It will be surrounded by ' and located after the username which is rccuser
4. Once you are logged in, type in show databases; (always end in semicolon). This will show you all the databases.
5. Type in use ccrdb;
6. Then use show tables; to display the tables.

Now that you've confirmed the port, username and password you have will work, now you can use Crystal or some other reporting package that supports mysql connections to generate your own reports.


Guido said...

Thank you!

Although possibly not for the purpose you worked it out, I used this to connect to the database using MySql administrator so I could repair the tables after getting random errors trying to run reports from RCC.

You saved me from a long and annoying rebuild, so thank you!

Gnawgnu said...

Hehe, cool man. Good to hear!

David said...

Like what Guido said...getting this should allow me to fix up the database, some duplicate key errors that are preventing report generation....thanks alot

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know, I just ran across this and it may be infinitely helpful on our old BCM400 with RCC in doing some troubleshooting. Many thanks for the post (even if it's almost 7 years old now!)