Thursday, October 15, 2009

XP remote desktop problem connecting to Windows 7

Before you ask, it's not the Network Level Auth problem.
And no, the computer is on and in the same domain.
And both computers are in the same subnet.
But all the DHCP based XP clients can RDP fine to the Windows 7 boxes. Hmm.

The problem I ran into is that some of the legacy XP clients had static IP addresses set but no "DNS suffix for this connection". So I added it in and voila it stated working.

I didn't really think it'd be that either but I tested it out on 2 more machines with the same results. Apparently Windows 7/Win2k8 place more trust in "Location Awareness" rather than depending on checking if the IP is in the same subnet or if the computer's in the same domain, etc. It just wants to know that your client thinks it's in the same logical DNS structure that it's on.

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